What is a Partition Wall ?

Partition Walls and generally described as a wall which is designed for separating or partitioning areas of offices, warehouses, retail units, industrial or residential properties. They are non-load bearing, and in that respect are the opposite of load bearing walls (generally termed internal walls). These walls can be temporary, permanent or removable/collapsible, making them very versatile.

The main advantage of a partition wall is its flexibility, in that a larger room can be quickly split up into smaller sections. This makes them perfect for new companies moving into office premises, as you can quickly and easily create offices, pods, or bays for single or multiple office staff. This is particularly useful for call centres, as the walls also create additional soundproofing for employees. Just about any configuration is possible, utilising a range of materials to your requirements. These can include glass, plasterboard, brick or others.


  • quick and easy way to create as many number or size of different rooms or partitions
  • each partition/room can be utilised for any purpose
  • improves insulation
  • excellent soundproofing
  • Lightweight and cheaper than major building work
  • movable where required (depending on installation)
  • reconfigurable