Acoustic Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceilings for Acoustic Insulation and Sound Absorption, for offices, retail, and commercial or industrial applications

When properly installed and when using the right type of composition and layering, Suspended Ceilings can offer excellent sound absorption in offices, warehouses, and other areas. They are particular useful in areas that were originally designed for warehousing or storage but are now used for office space or similar environments. Acoustic Ceilings or Tiles help absorb the higher frequencies by dissipating the sound waves inside them. For lower frequencies they help to reduce reflection between floor and ceiling.

Correct installation, position, and composition of the ceiling tiles and/or ceiling is key to successful acoustic insulation and soundproofing. The material used in the ceiling itself is only part of the solution. In order to achieve as much soundproofing or sound reduction as possible, key elements have to be in places such as layering, and positioning of the ceiling in terms of height and angle, depending on the size and shape of the room and the usage required for it.

We’ve fitted many suspended ceilings for acoustic reasons, and the difference can be astounding when combined with the correct type and position of partition walls and other sound absorbing techniques. We can help with the planning and material choice for all your ceiling and wall requirements, and install a professional, secure , and functional ceiling into your office, shop or warehouse.