A range of Partition Walls for Warehouses. Increase your productivity, fire resistance, and create office or manager spaces in warehouse environments

Increasing your productivity in warehouse units can be easily achieved without the need for a restrucure. Partion Walls installin in Warehouses can increase your administration and office space, by capitalising on unused space that is often seen in sections of warehouses. These spaces are ideal for floor managers, supervisors, warehouse office staff or kitchen or break areas.

Partition Walls are easily installed into these areas, and provide the much needed space required. Partitions can be :

  • Single Skin
  • Double SKin
  • Mesh Skin

Single Skin Warehouse Partition Walls

Single skin partitions are cost-effective and durable partitioning system with inherent strength.  They are quick and easy to erect and suitable for office areas, store rooms, shop floor offices, staff cloakrooms and washrooms, and more. They tend to be less aesthetically pleasing than double skin walls as the construction of the partition is visible on one side.

Double Skin Warehouse Partition Walls

Double skin partition walls are double sided, and therefore much better to look at than single skin walls. They have a certain degree more strength than single skin walls, as they have sheets on both sides and the structure of the partition is not visible.

Mesh Skin Warehouse Partition Walls

Mesh Partitions are cost effective, sturdy, and ideal for separating off sections of the warehouse where privacy is not required. This may be suitable for stock or material storage, machinery, or other areas where a visual and physical  separation is needed, but is not designed to be used as a private separate area of the warehouse.  Mesh partitions can also have a mesh ceiling if required.