Partition Walls in an Office

Office Partition Walls

Installing Office Partition Walls can increase productivity and maximise space, whilst removing the need to move premises

office partion wall with desk and corridor

CT Ceilings install office partition walls across the UK. We have helped hundreds of business increase productivity without the need for relocation. A partition wall can often be the solution when employing more staff or adding offices. Partition Walls can be particularly useful when adding or segregating new departments. They also help with acoustics, preventing and reducing ambient noise from nearby workers.

When installing Office Partition walls, you can either opt for singular or enclosed.

  • Singular partition walls are often seen in call center type environments. They can help separate staff and reduce noise spill. If you need to create partitions between departments or offices, then a simple singular partition can be the answer.
  • For more permanent installations or to create separate a separate office (for example for an office supervisor or manager) than an enclosed partition wall would be preferable. This would have its own walls and doors, and create a self-contained space.

Segregating staff and management can often lead to increased productivity and reinforces hierarchy. Workers tend to have a more productive day, and managers can work in a quieter environment. If you have specific areas that you need to split up to reduce noise or increase productivity, installing one or more partitions can be the ideal solution.

Ideal for

  • Call Center
  • Warehouse
  • Factory Floor
  • Large Offices
  • Open Plan Offices
  • improving productivity
  • soundproofing and insulation

At CT Ceilings, we can help with any of your office partition requirements. This can include design and advice on materials etc, along with full installation services with the minimum of disruption.

Aluminium Framed Partition Walls

We can supply your office with aluminum framed partition walls if required. These are quick and easy to install and can easily be moved if required. Aluminium Partition Walls have a good sound resistance and are very fire resistant.

Steel Partition Walls

Steel Partition Walls are excellent solution for a semi permanent installation, perhaps for installing an administration or managers office in an area of a warehouse or industrial unit.  Available in single skin, double skin, or mesh partions, pre-fabricated, and with excellent strength and rigidity.

Fire Rated Fire Resistant Partition Walls

One of the main considerations when installing partition walls is Safety. The correct wall can actually increase your fire resistance as they naturally section up areas and reduce fire spread. These walls are are typically non-load bearing, and have inherent fire safety in line with European standards.

Jumbo Stud Partition Walls

If your wall is to be installed in industrial units, factories or warehouses, then the Jumbo Stud Partition Wall is the most likely solution. This consists of a large metal framework to which plasterboard is attached. This creates a non-load bearing diving wall, useful for where a fire break or partition is required.

Partition Walls in an Office