Moveable and Flexible Partition Walls improve Office Well-being

Research has discovered that movable walls in offices can help to improve overall well being for employees, and provide multiple layouts in offices and work environments.

Partition Walls are generally a permanent installation. However, there has been research which suggests that movable walls can improve overall well being in offices along with providing in infinitely flexible working layout for work requirements. Movable Partition Walls can be clicked together (via clips or magnetism) to create different environments based on worker requirements. They may even be done simply to bring a change to the look or appeal of the office.

For example, individual booths in offices may be quickly reconfigured to give a large meeting area between employees. They could also be reconfigured to provide a departmental environment where needed, perhaps with a number of people from one sales team or department. When this requirement is over, the movable partition walls can be quickly reconfigured to the original setting, or provide new and alternative layouts as and when required. This gives the workforce and management huge flexibility in arranging the office work space. In addition to providing flexible layouts, the removal of the four walls around workers can help promote overall well-being and give a much greater sense of teamwork and improve employee-employer relations.